My thoughts on E-Bikes and 15 Adventure Ideas in Bella Coola

We have recently decided to delve into the world of E-bikes and I must admit, as a human powered adventurist I do struggle with the E part …… somewhere in the depths of my brain is this little voice nagging me that E-bikes are cheating!

Its something I’ve been working through and am slowly coming to terms with!

Here are some of my thoughts

  • E-bikes are a win when you are replacing a vehicle. For instance if I normally accessed the trailhead, rockclimbing crag, paddling spot, etc. via a vehicle and I am now using an E-bike, it’s a great thing in my eyes (plus for the environment and plus for keeping a more fit healthier body and mind)
  • Where I don’t see the gain is when you are replacing your pedal powered bike for an E-bike – That in my books is bad news!!!! – exercise is so important to living a healthy, happy life, and I’d hate to see E-bikes stealing away muscle power.

Here in Bella Coola, I see a huge opportunity for E-bikes. We have a stunningly beautiful Valley with a number of old Forest Service roads, some of which are in better shape then others. It is getting increasingly more difficult and dangerous to access some of the backcountry trailheads and recreation areas via vehicle. The roads are seeing very little industrial use, which in the past, is what has kept them open and maintained. Bridges and culverts are washed out, there are avalanche and debris slides blocking areas, and the right-of way brush is growing back in.

These roads are long and steep though, and good old fashion muscle power be it biking, or hiking takes a lot of effort and huge amounts of time. – It makes your day hike, or afternoon rockclimb no longer feasible.

Enter the E-bike!!! – Yes I may need to pack a spare battery, but If I can go 35km an hour on an e-bike and get back to somewhere like Odegarrd Falls, I can hike in with my picnic lunch, enjoy the day, and still make it home in time for supper.

I also see E-bikes being a huge plus for visitors wanting to get out and tour around seeing the views. For example, Hagensborg to the base of the hill, stopping off at the Big Rock and maybe a visit to Fisheries Pool. – What a great way to take in the views of the Valley.

A number of the adventures in Bella Coola that I have posted are all ones that are now on my list to tackle with an E-bike.

Top 15 E-bike adventures in Bella Coola on MY LIST to try

  1. Bella Coola Wharf to Mgurr and Blue Jay Lakes
  2. Blue Jay lakes to the Big Cedar Tree and back
  3. Hagensborg to Sallompt Nature trails with a stop off at Bella Coola Valley Seafoods for some smoked Salmon
  4. Odegarrd falls lunch time picnic
  5. Hammer Lake Trailhead
  6. Tote road to Stillwater Lake Trailhead (Hunlen Falls Trail Head) and hike in to the lake for a swim
  7. Hagensborg to the base of the Hill and back
  8. Hagensborg to Lost Lake Trailhead – hike the trail for a lunch time picnic and bike back
  9. Hagensborg to the Wharf for a burger at the Rooster
  10. Hagensborg, through the Airport dyke down to walker Island and back, with a stop off at little Nook for an End of The Road Coffee
  11. Hagensborg, to Medby trails, hike the trails and then back down to My Lunch Stop for some great food!
  12. Nusatsum FSR to Purgatory View point for a picnic lunch
  13. Hagensborg to Clayton Falls recreation site with a stop off at the Dragon Fly cafe for Coffee and food
  14. Hagensaborg to the Wharf with a boat pick-up and walking tour of Tallheo Cannery
  15. “THE HILL”- Bottom to top and down again!

As you can see I have my work cut out for me testing out some E-bike adventurers and trips – I’ll let you know how they go!!

Good thing I have a spare battery!


3 thoughts on “My thoughts on E-Bikes and 15 Adventure Ideas in Bella Coola

  1. Glad to read your post regarding e-bikes and your upcoming 15 adventures. They sound like fun. As a hiker, biker and a kayaker I have incorporated an Yukon 750 into my list of tools to further expand my outdoor opportunities. Instead of beating crap out of 4 wheel drive I can access the trail head on my E-bike, hike the trail then cruise out down the overgrown logging road. I have ridden some long day’s on my E-bike 85-100km. To accomplish that there is a lot pedalling on pas 0. You still get a good workout and are tired at the end of the ride. The great part is you can fly up the hills at 25 Kmh. I find the best efficiency for conserving the battery power is to ride at a consistent speed of just under 20 kmh no matter what the terrain is like. Very steep gravelly hills are the exception though. The best thing is I have had some excellent rides with my wife with no whining due to steep hills or wind. Just crank on the battery and fly along.


    1. Thanks so much for the comments.

      – The remarks on how to max out your battery are really appreciated

      Enjoy your adventures!


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