Central Coast Kayak Trip (12 day Great Bear Rainforest Kayak Adventure!)


Google image Kayak Route

The Central Coast is an absolutely stunning, wild remote place to visit, and in my opinion a sea kayak is one of the best ways to explore the area.  That being said it’s definitely not a beginners playground and I recommend having plenty of kayaking experience before tackling the area.

We headed out on this adventure, a few years back, taking advantage of some sunny August weather.

Wanting to make the most of our time we took the small  “milk run” ferry  (BC ferries) from Bella Coola to Shearwater, which stops in Oceanfalls and Klemtu before arriving in Shearwater and Bella Bella.    I really recommend this trip if you haven’t had a chance to visit some of the outer coast communities. Oceanfalls is pretty interesting with its ghost town appeal, and BC ferries gives you time to get off the ferry and explore for a bit at each stop



DAY 1: We loaded our kayaks with all of our gear at the government wharf/ ferry dock in Bella Coola and attached the portaging wheels to the boats,  we were then able to wheel them on the ferry and walk on as passengers (no vehicle required).  The Ferry arrives in the evening in Shearwater, where we wheeled the boats off the ferry, down the street and over to the Shearwater resort and Marina.  We were able to camp here at the Campground which is just a short walk up the street. The Marina also stored our kayak portaging wheels for us while ventured out for the kayak trip and we picked them back up at the end of the trip

As the ferry arrived late in the evening it was best to camp the night in Shearwater (Denny Island) and depart early the next morning. As per all of our adventures we like to get early starts on the day, as that gives us plenty of time to deal with weather and delays.

DAY 2: We left Shearwater departing west towards Bella Bella and down Lama Passage towards Hunter Channel. Our first Campsite for the night was a beautiful little sandy beach on as small island that can be found on Charts by the name of Islet 49

Islet 49 (First Campsite)

DAY 3: We continued South down Hunter Channel towards Cultus Sound lining our boats into a couple of great little lagoons


The evening found us once again on a sandy beach at the mouth of Cultus Sound.

Day 4: Found us waking up water jugs in hand  as we rounded the corner  to head towards Spider Channel. – We were able to find a small creek and fill the water jugs traveling down spider Channel we headed to Triquet Island, which has some beautiful sandy beaches, however these sites were already occupied so we hopped over to another island with a kayak only campsite (thanks to shallow water!). One of our favorite little spots, well protected, and hard to find unless you know where to look.



Day 6: We woke up to more great weather and tackled the Hakai Passage crossing. This one can be difficult if the weather is not in your favor

Day 7: Was a down day which included exploring the Hakai trails and numerous beaches


Day 8: we put on the wetsuites for the  Fitz Hugh Sound crossing in the fog to Koeye Point and the Koeye River. This area is extremely beautiful and we met up with the Heltsuck youth camps who were in the area


Day 9: We began traveling North again heading to Namu for an explore of the old community  and some lunch!


before moving on to our campground on a small island at the entrance of Burke Channel.


Day 10: We crossed over an up to Fisher Channel on route to a campsite just outside of Codville Lagoon.  Codville Lagoon is a great place to set up a prawn trap and well worth the hike up to Segar Lake for a fresh water swim.


Day 11: We crossed Fisher Channel to complete our circle heading  though Lama Passage and  back to Shearwater Marina and the campground, with a minor delay to real in a Coho salmon from a kayak!!! – which we put on ice and took home to our freezer!!

Day 12: Was a ferry ride back home to beautiful Bella Coola

Trip Notes:

  • Kayaking skills and experience required
  • BC ferries from Bella Coola to Shearwater
  • Walk on as a foot passenger using portage wheels on your boat
  • Glacier Creek Outfitting can supply kayak and equipment rental

please feel free to contact us https://glaciercreekoutfitting.com/contact/ for more info

2 thoughts on “Central Coast Kayak Trip (12 day Great Bear Rainforest Kayak Adventure!)

  1. Jeannette Selbstaedt July 4, 2019 — 10:32 am

    Are you going out on this tour

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    1. We did this self guided trip a few years back. – a beautiful area to explore via kayak


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